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Camp Fire’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day on March 19 | Kansascity

Camp Fire’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day on March 19


Absolutely Incredible Kid Day Breakfast in Kansas City #AIKD Encourages Adults to Recognize the Amazing Kids in Their Lives


Breakfast Event March 19, 7:30-9:00 a.m.:

Camp Fire will host its Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® (#AIKD) breakfast at The Roasterie Bean Hanger on March 19, 2015 at 7:30 a.m. AIKD is a day designated to honor our nation’s youth. Having three champions in a child’s life is an important component to their success (family, community, and education):


• This year, our family champions will be represented by The Roasterie’s Danny O’Neill and his wife, Carla.



• Our education champion is Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, Executive Director of the Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium.



• Camp Fire’s President & CEO, Cathy Tisdale, will represent the community champion.


Each year we also highlight several Absolutely Incredible Kids. Crosby Kemper III will serve as our emcee to interview four 2015 “kid champions,” Areeb, Jancyn, Martin, and Malcom. Their #AIKD letters are available online.


AIKD Background:


This year marks the 19th Annual Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® (#AIKD). AIKD is a day designated to honor our nation’s youth. Adults and teens are asked to write, post, tweet, and tag #AIKD notes of encouragement and inspiration to the incredible kids in their lives.


“Adults sometimes forget to stop and tell a child how important he or she is. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is a reminder to do just that,” says Camp Fire President and CEO Cathy Tisdale. “It is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are appreciated. We’ve seen this simple act of love and kindness have long and far reaching effects.”


Youth from around the nation will be celebrating as we recognize absolutely incredible kids at Camp Fire council events around the nation, on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, in video on YouTube and at live events, and through a national media relations effort.


The most important thing is communicating the message, not necessarily the format of the message. Participants are encouraged to write, tweet, post, share, or hashtag #AIKD. Because kids need positive reinforcement in their lives. The right words of encouragement can come at just the time a child needs them most helping them make better decisions, build self-esteem, and even be more compassionate and successful.



March 19, 2015 — AIKD is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of each March. However, adults nationwide are invited to celebrate their absolutely incredible kid anytime on or before March 19.


About Camp Fire

Camp Fire is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit youth development organizations, serving youth, teens and families in communities across the United States. Camp Fire programs are research-based, delivered where youth and families are via out-of-school time, environmental and camp, and teen service and leadership programs. Because youth want to shape the world, Camp Fire’s focus is giving youth and teens the opportunity to find their sparks, lift their voice and discover who they are. Camp Fire programs are proven to develop young peoples’ skills now so they can reach their full potential. For more information about Camp Fire, visit www.campfire.org.


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