City Mouse vs. Country Mouse: A Multi-Cultural Experience

By Jenny Hansen and Piper Bayard

What happens when you put a Country Mouse and a City Mouse in the same fish bowl? Two SocialIn writers with very different perceptions of reality!

That’s exactly what happened when Jenny visited Piper’s home on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Piper’s an intellectual redneck from the Southwest, and Jenny is from L.A. (pronounced “LaLa-Land” in Piper’s part of town). The result was a multi-cultural experience with lots of laughs and a certain level of “What the hell?”

Jenny and Piper out hiking in the "country."

Jenny and Piper out hiking in the “country.”

Some background: Piper is trying to get Jenny to to break out of the madness she calls home in Southern California and move closer. A tour of favorite stomping grounds and the full sales pitch were definitely on the agenda. One day we went driving through a stretch of houses spaced out on five and ten acre lots:

Jenny: “I think my hubby would like driving out here through the country now and then, but he wouldn’t want to live this far away from a town.”

Piper: “Umm . . . This IS town.”

Jenny: Huh.

A few of the elk we saw that day.

A few of the elk we saw that day.

Then we headed up to Estes Park and strolled through a golf course. Around fifty elk poured out of the forest, only a stone’s throw away, and a bald eagle joined the party, circling overhead.

Jenny: “Wow! I’ve never seen so many elk.”

Piper: “I wonder where the rest of them are?”

The day treated us to the sight of bulls defending their territory and sparring in preparation for the full-on rutting season. We thought we were going to get to see the blood sacrifice of tourists, as well, when two men of questionable IQ seemed to think it might be cool to stand IN THE MIDDLE of an elk herd.

[Piper: In case you don’t know, that’s a seriously bad idea, particularly around rutting season. Even Jenny knew that.]

In a role-reversal moment, the City Mouse had the sense to sit in the car while this Country Mouse got the Elk Selfie. Note how Piper strategically kept a tourist between herself and the bull elk, as is evidenced by the leg coming out of the side of her head in the picture.

Piper's Elk Selfie

Piper’s Elk Selfie

*Jenny is off-camera in the car thinking, “She’s out of her mind.”*

Perhaps the most telling moment was the night the two of us were driving home on a dark dirt road in the back country, i.e. three hundred yards from a large subdivision. At a curve in the road, two scrubbed and primped teenagers stood beside their white Toyota, which was pointed straight into the bar ditch.

Jenny interrupting here: I saw a car, two people and a dark road with no lights. I should note, I would never drive down this road at night, unlike my partner in crime, Piper.

[Back to Piper]

To me, they were clearly suburban high schoolers out on a date. I started to slow down.

Jenny: “What are you doing? Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Piper thought bubble: Hmm. Jenny must need to get home and pee really bad.

Piper stopped and rolled down Jenny’s window.

Jenny thought bubble: We’re all gonna die.

Piper: “Do you kids need any help? Can we give you a ride or call someone for you?”

Jenny thought bubble: Holy crap! What is wrong with this woman?

Young man: “Thanks, but we have someone coming.”

Jenny: “What happened?”

Young man: “A coyote ran in front of us, and I swerved to miss it.”

Piper thought bubble: “What the hell was this kid thinking, risking their lives that way? City boy.”

Jenny to young woman: “That’s a fine young man you have there.”

Young woman: *snickers into hands*

Piper: “So you’re okay? Do you want us to stay with you until your people get here?”

Jenny thought bubble: I am not getting out of this car on this dark road with these strangers. Young people can be ax murderers too.

Young man: “No, thanks. We’ll be fine.”

Jenny to young woman: “You have a nice young man here.”

Piper to young woman: “Watch how he treats his mama. He’ll treat you the way he treats his mama.”

Young woman thought bubble: Who the hell talks like that? *hides laughter with hands*

Young man thought bubble: Crap. I’d better be nicer to my mom.

We went on our way down the dark dirt road and managed to get home in one piece, in spite of suburban coyotes and feral teens on the prowl that night.

[Jenny jabs finger at Piper: “Hey! Sarcasm works the same in both places, you know.”]

City Mouse Jenny in the "country." Note the park bench. The "country" doesn't have park benches.

City Mouse Jenny in the “country.”
Note the park bench. Who knew “the country” had park benches up on the mountain?

Overall, we had a great visit. It’s still up in the air whether Jenny was convinced to come on over to the dark side and join Piper out in the “country.” As Piper says, “We’ve got peanut butter banana sandwiches to go with our cookies.”

Are you a Country Mouse or a City Mouse? What experience have you had out of your geographic element? And whose side are you on in terms of stopping on unlit back roads at night? Continue the discussion at the #SocialIn hashtag on Twitter or SocialInDC on Facebook!

~ Jenny and Piper

* * * * * *

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By day, Jenny provides training and social media marketing for an accounting firm. By night she writes humor, memoir, women’s fiction and short stories. After 18 years as a corporate software trainer, she’s delighted to sit down while she works.

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