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Dr. Seuss Makes Me Naughty | Kansascity

Dr. Seuss Makes Me Naughty

Photo from Wikipedia.org

Photo from Wikipedia.org

by Jenny Hansen

I’ve always been madly in love with Dr. Seuss books. Their cadence is amazing, their rhyming stupendous. And nothing jiggles my creative writer like There’s a Wocket in My Pocket.

Note: If you’re unfamiliar with “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket,” here’s a link to have it read aloud to you.

The thing about Dr. Seuss…he also makes me naughty.

After reading these books umpteen times to my Little Bean, I’ve started getting kinda spicy with the Hubster, just to liven up the reading. This involves everything from reading aloud with a certain emphasis to eyebrow wiggling and changing around the words to get a giggle.

I don’t think Dr. Seuss would mind. He did illustrate The Pocket Book of Boners, after all.

There’s simply no way to avoid these “if you know what I mean” moments while you’re reading classics like…

Hop on Pop:Hop Pop. We like to hop. We like to hop on top of Pop.”

The Cat In The Hat: “I know some good games we could play,” said the Cat. “I know some new tricks,” said the Cat to the Hat. “A lot of good tricks. I will show them to you. Your mother will not mind at all if I do.” (Nope. Mama won’t mind at all.)

Green Eggs and Ham: The eyebrow wiggling happens ALL OVER this book.

Say! In the dark? Here in the dark! Would you, could you, in the dark?

Could you, would you, with a goat? I would not, could not with a goat! Would you, could you, on a boat? Or in a pool, upon a float?” (Oh…oops. I added that last part.)

My hubby and I have made entire dates over my daughter’s oblivious head, although I’m sure this honeymoon period of innuendo is going to end soon. She’s starting to repeat EVERYTHING.

So, it’s your turn to give me some new ammo. What is your favorite children’s book for covert operations of the dating kind? Do you have code words for those naughty things you don’t want to say in front of your kids? Continue the discussion at the #SocialIn hashtag on Twitter.

~ Jenny


About Jenny Hansen

By day, Jenny provides training and social media marketing for an accounting firm. By night she writes humor, memoir, women’s fiction and short stories. After 15 years as a corporate software trainer, she’s delighted to sit down while she works.

When she’s not at her personal blog, More Cowbell, Jenny can be found on Twitter at JennyHansenCA or at Writers In The Storm. Jenny also writes the Risky Baby Business posts at More Cowbell, a series that focuses on babies, new parents and high-risk pregnancy.

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