Jobs for Vets

Social In has teamed up with Jobs for Vets.  Run by Vets, started by Vets to Help Vets.

Jobs for Vets is about training Veterans for civilian jobs outside of the mainstream Veteran culture, for
jobs like Management, Project Management, PR, Social Media, Start Ups, and Entrepreneurship.

Each City will have a point of contact who is a Veteran who will act as point and liaison with the
larger national network, but also coordinate local and micro local resources in each market
to help train and incorporate Vets into Civilian employment.

For instance, Social In will volunteer resources, Social Media training and our extensive
network of over 1 million connections to help Veterans find and locate local jobs where they
live, do outreach and make introductions.

Vets will be able to attend workshops, Intern and learn the most modern skills.

Volunteer, Help Out, or Contribute by Contacting Jobs For Vets through Social In.