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Social In Books: The Last Page | Kansascity

Social In Books: The Last Page

Social In Books, The Last Page, Jo Edd Morris

Archaeologist Christopher Jordan and ancient manuscript expert Kathryn Ferguson are brought together by famed New Testament scholar Andrew Stewart of Edinburgh, Scotland. On a research expedition to Maaloula, Syria, Stewart stumbles across an ancient scroll, a truncated rough draft of the gospel of Mark. All evidence indicates John Mark is the author. The completed autograph scroll, the archaeological find of the millennium, is believed to be in a cave in Maaloula. Amid the Syrian revolt, Chris and Kate travel to Maaloula. Time is of the essence. The obstacles are overwhelming. Paralleling their perilous quest is John Mark’s escape with the manuscript from the Roman siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE, his journey to Damascus where he can complete his gospel and make copies for distribution throughout the empire. A major theme threading the work is the resurrection. Is the last page of the gospel of Mark missing? Or did the author intend to leave the resurrection dangling, shrouded in mystery? The answer is in the last page.

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