Money Jedi: What’s Your Self Worth?

How much do you value yourself? Generally, we like to think we value ourselves pretty highly. But generally, most of us don’t. Not really. How good would you say you are at what you do? Are you the best? Well, maybe you’re not the best–I [...]

Money Jedi: Money is Important

This post is the first of a series I’ll be doing about money. I’ve still got a lot to learn about money–money can be one of our greatest teachers in life–but I’ve also come a long way from where I’ve started, and I thought [...]

How to Get That Peaceful Easy Feeling

(Hint: Harmony comes from within.) My laptop needs a new battery. My to-go cup is leaking and mocha dripped on me. My hair looks nasty 12 hours after I wash it. I used my hair dryer in a power strip and tripped the basement circuit, and had [...]

Film Buffs vs. Movie Lovers: Can the Intellectually Elite Appreciate what the Rabble Conjure?

It’s that movie with Brendan Fraser where he lived in a bunker all his life, versus The Piano–which will come out on top? I’m tired of being spat on by my friends who do not enjoy movies and think I’m being stupid when I do. I’m [...]

How to Fight Overwhelm

If my job was to pick up acorns off the forest floor and put them in a basket, I would manage to get overwhelmed. I would worry about running out of acorns, or about having too many to fill the basket. I would worry that the squirrels were [...]

How to Get People to Go Away

I’m terrible at returning phone calls and emails. Most people say they are bad at it, but I think I am worse than they are (partly because I’m just trying to one-up them, but partly because I really think that). I guess it wouldn’t be [...]

To Go Forward, Take Two Steps Back

  When I was twenty-seven years old, I moved back in with my parents. I’d been out of the house for nine years. In that time I’d lived in a lot of places and held a slew of jobs. Most of them odd, all of them low-paying. I decided [...]